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Transforming your mindset and taking ownership of your life

Mental fortitude, is the ability to have strength in the face of adversity.

When you’re knocked down, to get back up and fight.

When you’re struggling, tried, bored to keep your eye on the goal and continue working forward, to show up even when you don’t feel like it.

Mental fortitude is to have unwavering self-belief and perpetual motion to the one true goal.


Deciding whether to come to therapy can be a complicated and overwhelming task. If you experience stress, anxiety, loss of motivation or passion, hardships in your relationships or feel disconnected from yourself or others you may wonder how to get unstuck or cope with these challenges. I want you to know you are not alone! Counseling can help with developing greater self-acceptance and awareness, improved interpersonal relationships, new perspectives to our problems, better management and understanding of our emotions, and the ability to change unhealthy behaviors to live a present focused, balanced life. 




We provide accessible and stigma-free therapy services in Syracuse, NY and Central New York community. We provide in person and telehealth sessions. We serve adults and adolescents and work with each person to identify barriers and goals and to find the best techniques and treatment methods for individual situations and objectives. 


We work with couples of all stages of a relationship. Couples may work through an affair, loss of connection, building healthy communication, and learning more about one another’s wants and needs and how to create strong foundations for healthy, fulfilling, lasting relationships. 

Practice Specialties and Areas of Expertise




Grief and Loss

Stress Management


Couples Counseling


Relationship Issues

Self Esteem


Women's issues



“I have been a patient of Jessica for nearly 10 years. She is personable, relatable, and an all around amazing therapist. She's seen me at my lowest lows and helped me gain the confidence I needed in myself to grow to my highest highs, never once making me feel judged or ashamed for anything. She has always created a safe, judgment free space to express myself, giving healthy, unbiased guidance, and is patient while helping you work through anything you need to. I would recommend her to anyone.”-A.C.


“Before starting therapy with Jessica I had started working with several therapists in the past, only to get too nervous and end my therapeutic relationship early. Jessica helped me to make progress towards diagnosis and recovery at my own pace, so I was able to stick with therapy and actually commit to improving my mental health. If I have rough patches now, I am able to manage them in a way that I never would have thought was possible even just a year ago!” - JM


"Right from the beginning Jessica made talking about things, even the most personal, very easy. Seeing her on my lunch hour or right from home through telehealth is convenient. She gives you time to talk and work through your emotions, while also providing tools and tips to help overcome any obstacles you may be facing. Jessica has allowed me to see that I am not a burden, feelings are only temporary, and that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to."-NH


“I have had a great experience as a client. I used to be a workaholic, constantly focused on the future. But I've received the advice necessary to see that I wasn't happy and wasn't living my life for myself and in the present.” - JC
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Fortitude Mental Health Counseling PLLC is here to support your mental well-being journey in Syracuse and surrounding areas. We encourage you to reach out for any inquiries or to start a conversation about our professional mental health services. Remember, seeking help is a strength, and we're eager to take this journey with you.

5900 N Burdick St, Suite 209

East Syracuse, NY 13057

Tel: (315) 591-8281

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